Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prada Creepers

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have a beautiful day ahead everyone!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's!

It's St. Patrick's Day today and what is a more appropriate day to be decked in green other than today! COME ON GUYS! show me your best green outfits and most importantly, let's have fun!!

Cheers and have an awesome one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ready for Fall? (Not really)

Today's 'fall' look =)

What I was wearing:

Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunnies
Louis Vuitton Scarf
Topman Velvet Bowtie and Contrast Button Shirt
Zara Woman Harem Pants
Car Shoe Green Suede Moccassins
Balenciaga Clutch
Arthur Galan Sweater

Anyway my package from Luisaviaroma arrived today =) more pictures of it next time!

Hope everyone is enjoying his/her day! Have a lovely one everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Maison Martin Margiela FW10 Line 14 Cardigan

Hi everyone! How did your weekend go?

It was a warm friday spring afternoon and I had no inspiration on what to wear until I was looking at my latest purchase, my camel coloured MMM Line 14 cardigan, then an idea popped out of my head. It's Margiela we are talking about, he's my idol and he never ceases to amaze me with his collections. And of course, without any exception, this cardigan has been my favourite ever since I bought it.

So anyway, it was pretty warm in the afternoon so I decided to just tie it around my neck with the elbow patches detail showing on the outside. I matched it with a pair of white pants instead of a dark blue one and the Ralph Lauren bowtie with little Tennis Racquets detailing to complement spring/summer feel and colours.

Enjoy your day everyone =)

Here are some pictures:

What I was wearing:
MMM Line 14 Camel Cardigan with Elbow Patches Detail
H&M Contrast Coloured Shirt
Ralph Lauren Bowtie
Hermes Belt
Hermes Cufflinks
Zara White Pants
Raf Simons Buckle Dress Shoes

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

loubies + green velvet bowtie

outfit on friday =)

1. Studded Freddy Flats - Christian Louboutins
2. Green velvet bowtie - Topman
3. White contrast buttons shirt - Topman
4. H belt - Hermes
5. Tuxedo jacket - Hugo by Hugo Boss
6. Evidence Sunnies - Louis Vuitton
7. Black joeys skinnies - April 77

i wore this out on friday to Marais to get my Balenciaga bag and i was questioned by lerrin (the salesperson who is some sort our friend) "are you heading anywhere?" i was like crap am i too overdressed for casual streetwear? and before i could justify myself she said, "i like the fact that you are dressing up not for a reason but just because you feel like it.. i love it how people dress up not for an occasion but just to walk around the streets and hang out"

i think dressing up should not be for an occasion but to suit your mood or likings. i mean dressing up for an occasion just spells that you are not dressing up for yourself but for something else. i think that's the problem with so many people. we should not be afraid of what society thinks or social norms and be yourself! conforming is the stupidest thing to do as it is going against your will. just be yourself and wear whatever you feel like despite the weather/occasion.

and i hate it how everyone associates branded stuff = the best stuff? like dood i've seen people buying ridiculous Burberry print sneakers that looks like this and they are just beyond ugly! are you buying it for the brand or for the design? like not all branded stuff equates to nice stuff? i am seriously appalled by such people. i bet i can find a 10 dollars sneakers that pwns that hideous shit hands down. i really admire those people who manage to find thrift/secondhand stuff and pull them off so well. i have seen someone on lookbook that found a vintage Dior suit (back then there was only CD) for FIVE buckaroos. FIVE BUCKS. for a suit it's already cheap but even better, Christian Dior suit. how amazing! it's pinstripe and he looks really good in it! i love it how some people can pull off a pinstripe soon so well! i also admire people who are rich but yet not drown themselves in branded stuff. a mix is always good. especially when it comes to accessories. you'd be surprised how some accessories that looks gorgeous and they are unlabeled. it's amazing how these people mix and match.

anyway for my look, yes i was excited to wear my new bowtie and there you go! what goes better with an oversized bowtie other than a tuxedo blazer! :D i decided to go simple since the texture and size of the bowtie is more intricate. so there you have it :)

peace out guys =)